We thoroughly enjoy developing and crafting different styles, features and tools in 3D and we want to help studios achieve unique stylized looks that suit their production needs. Therefore, we offer Research and Development (R&D) Packages in which you get our expert artineers to create a unique style/feature/tool for your production.

Take advantage of our accumulated experience and let us develop the technology to create the visuals that you’ve been dreaming of. R&D Packages are hourly-based R&D services with deliverables, which include the following phases: Research, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Product and Production-ready.

R&D Packages

It is important to highlight that every style, feature or tool has a different requirement and thereby might not need all development packages. For example, small tools could easily be completed and production-ready within the time-frame of the Research Package. The entire R&D package system is meant to break-down complex, research-based styles/features/tools that are difficult to estimate initially in terms of human-hours and need to be properly reviewed and assessed at each stage of development by us and our clients.


Research Package

The Research Package involves a maximum of 40 hours of dedicated work within two weeks. During this period, we get to properly assess the complexity of the problem and begin researching and experimenting with possible solutions to find the most suitable. Simple tools or features could be finished within this time-period. However, for more complex styles, features or tools, you will get a report containing our results, possible solutions and professional suggestion on how to continue the development—with the estimated amount of hours needed for the next package. Once you review our results and approve our suggestion, we can move on to the next development package.


MVP Package

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Package is intended for the development of an early solution/product with just enough features to satisfy basic requirements. This version will allow us to get something working to your hands as soon as possible and to gather feedback for further development. At the end of this package, you will get another report with our results for your review. Once we aggregate all your feedback, we make a clear development plan for the Product Package, with the estimated development hours. Once our suggestion is approved, we can move on to the Product Package.


Product Package

The Product Package is where the main development happens, and we create the style/feature/tool that you have always wished for. At this stage, we have a clear understanding about the solution and all your requirements. So, we have all the information to create a tool that you’ll love. After the Product Package, you will get a final report with our results, the software and documentation on how to properly use it. However, as it generally happens, once in production, something might still be needed that was not thought of previously. This is where the Production-ready Package comes into play.


Production-ready Package

The Production-ready Package ensures that any missing feature can still be developed and included into your solution. The duration of this package depends on the additional requirements you might have, which were not considered during the assessment of previous R&D packages. We’ll make everything in our hands to tackle these final production requirements and have a tool that works for you under most conditions.

Are you ready to make something amazing and stylized together? Make sure to drop us a line!